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All that man needs for health and healing has been provided by God in nature, the challenge of science is to find it.


"Becky has been an absolutely phenomenal instructor over the last few months. She was professional, patient and had a wealth of knowledge. Becky was always really respectful and so helpful throughout my FAM journey! I'd highly recommend her to anyone considering working with an instructor."

Madeleine B.

Take Ownership of Your Hormones

Let’s just be honest, being a woman is hard. We’re expected to make babies (even if we don’t want to), raise our families, work outside the home and deal with hormones and periods like it’s nothing, all because we’re told that’s what’s “normal”. 

So many women put themselves on the backburner, vowing to work on that thing for themselves that they never actually make time for. They choose birth control methods which turn off their hormones, and sometimes even their periods. Just to get through the hustle and bustle of every day life. 

Want to avoid pregnancy until you’re ready? Birth control. Want to “regulate” your periods? Birth control! 

Does that sound like your life?

There's a Better Way

Hormonal birth control, and even some non-hormonal options like the copper IUD, can cause more problems than they fix. They might keep us from getting pregnant but at the expense of our long term health and fertility. Are you tired of wondering if there are other options?

I’m here to tell you there’s another way. 

There’s a way to avoid pregnancy without synthetic chemicals. A way to conceive when you’re ready without compromising your fertility now. There’s a way to manage challenging hormonal situations without pushing pause, slapping on a bandage and dealing with it later.

Fertility awareness is the answer.

Using the fertility awareness method, you can identify when you’re most fertile, when you have the highest chance of pregnancy, and even helps to identify underlying causes of hormonal imbalances to tackle the root of the problem once and for all. Isn’t that incredible?!

That’s where I come in. 

The symptothermal method is a highly effective method of managing fertility 100% naturally. When individuals work with an instructor, it is proven 99.6% effective as a method of pregnancy prevention and has been shown to help 81% of couples conceive within 6 cycles.

I help women understand their hormones and take control of their health and fertility through the use of fertility awareness and herbs. No need to rely on synthetic hormones ever again!

So, are you ready to get started?

Get to Know Me

Want to know more about me and my support philosophies?
Read more about my training, experience, personal drive, and how I help women just like you achieve their goals.

"I highly recommend working with Becky if you are interested in learning how to properly chart. I have truly gained so much more confidence with charting to avoid than I had previously to working with her. I've thoroughly enjoyed working with her! She is kind, understanding, very knowledgable, and super down to earth. Thanks Becky!"

Emily, Fertility Awareness Program Client

Are you new to Fertility Awareness?

If so, I have a great program just for you. In 6 months of working one-on-one with me you can gain confidence in your hormones, in your cycles, and in your ability to avoid or achieve pregnancy naturally and effectively.

Stop putting your needs on the backburner!

Starting at $75/month

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Need help with your hormones?

I can help you meet your goals, whether avoiding or achieving pregnancy. I specialize in helping women identify the underlying imbalances that may be causing uncomfortable symptoms with PMS, bleeding issues, PCOS, perimenopause, and other hormonal conditions.
Functional hormone testing with the at-home DUTCH test or blood labs paired with fertility awareness can give us the clues we need to create a plan of management and get you on your way to whole health.

Starting at $75

I offer support consultation-by-consultation or as package deals (starting at $120/month) depending on your needs. Chronic health issues, like PCOS, typically require more time and are a better fit for package deals. 

I recommend taking advantage of the free consultation I offer so we can find the best fit for your needs, together.

Get started today!

"Becky made me feel comfortable sharing my charting experience with her. I felt like I could ask her any questions I had and trusted her answers. The cycles I had while learning this method were challenging, but she helped me through it! I feel more confident about charting to avoid pregnancy and I have some good insights into my health."

Fertility Awareness Program Client


The #1 thing I hear from clients after they’ve worked with me is how much more confident they feel!

Through fertility awareness we can identify what your hormones may be doing, and confidently order hormone testing on cycle days with the highest accuracy.

The more data collected through charting your menstrual cycles, the more confident you can be in knowing what is normal for YOU and when it’s time to seek help.

Creating habits in fertility awareness charting creates confidence in your body to do what comes most naturally. Understanding your hormones and that what is happening in your own body is normal and natural, gives you confidence and self-acceptance.

Understanding fertility awareness gives you confidence to trust your body and to trust the method to guide you in avoiding or achieving pregnancy naturally and effectively!

Not sure how to move forward?

Take advantage of the free consultation before committing to a plan. We will have a brief discussion about your support needs and goals. This consultation is available for free with no obligation.

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