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Your Whole Cycle

Start Date: July 8 | Enrollment Opens: June 24

Go beyond period tracking to learn how to chart Your Whole Cycle and how to support Your Whole Cycle health

3 Month Symptothermal Method Program

Your Whole Cycle is the Symptothermal Method Masterclass you’ve been waiting for! This program will take you on a deep dive into the physiology of fertility and teach you how to utilize that knowledge to avoid pregnancy naturally. 

Your Whole Cycle is for you if you: have cycles averaging 35 days or less, feel a little lost when it comes to understanding cervical mucus and the sensation it creates, and want to learn how to support Your Whole Cycle health with herbs!

What You Get:

Before we can learn how to chart our menstrual cycles we need an understanding of how our reproductive organs and hormones work. In this session we’ll take a close look at how the ovaries and cervix work. We’ll learn all about LH, FSH, estrogen and progesterone and the parts they play in the menstrual cycle.

We’ll discuss the cervical response to these hormones as well as cervical mucus. You’ll gain a well-rounded understanding of cervical mucus and sensation and what that tells you about your fertility status. Regardless of how much or little you experience, charting cervical mucus can work for you!

We’ll talk about basal body temperature and how to make temperature charting work for you even when it seems impossible.

And we’ll discuss how to get started charting your fertility signs in Read Your Body.

Now that we understand what our fertility signs are we can apply research backed guidelines to understand what they are telling us about our fertility and how to use them to avoid pregnancy.

In this session we’ll take a closer look at our charted fertility signs and learn how to identify ovulation as well as know how to identify when we are fertile and infertile.

We will take a look at additional signs of fertility, the cervix and LH, which you can choose to add to your charting if you wish. And we will briefly discuss how to move into charting for conception when and if you’re ready!

In this session we’ll take a look at temperature pattern variations and potential changes in cervical mucus throughout your reproductive life. We will also have example charts for interpretation practice.

We will discuss how to use your chart to understand your hormonal health. From tracking symptoms to interpreting fertility signs in regards to hormone activity. 

We will also discuss lifestyle impacts on our charts and how to go about getting hormone testing when we see a problem in our charts.

After we have learned how to chart to understand the health of our cycles, now we can utilize that information to support our cycles through the use of herbs and nutritional supplements.

If you have irregular cycles longer than 40 days for any reason, including postpartum and PCOS, I would recommend a 1:1 program rather than Your Whole Cycle, which is a group program. See my private programs below.

Note: All prices are in USD

"I highly recommend working with Becky if you are interested in learning how to properly chart. I have truly gained so much more confidence with charting to avoid [pregnancy] than I had previously to working with her. I've thoroughly enjoyed working with her! She is kind, understanding, very knowledgeable, and super down to earth. Thanks Becky!"

One on One Support

Hourly Consultations
30 or 60 minute consultations, ideal for

  • Chart reviews
  • Lab result reviews
  • Acute or minor health issues
  • General questions


For minor health issues, one-time fertility awareness chart reviews, lab result reviews, or general questions, I offer consultations on an hourly basis. This works great for anyone not wanting to purchase a full 6 month package. 

I generally recommend starting with a 60 minute Intake Session to get your health history so I can better answer any questions you have. The more information I have, the better I am able to help you!

Note: All prices are in USD

"Becky was not my original instructor, however I chose to do some chart reviews with her, which were extremely helpful. She is so knowledgeable, to the point (which is a good thing), and tries to simplify things. I think it is very easy to accidentally over complicate things for yourself, especially when you are still learning. I am excited to work with her again to expand my fertility awareness knowledge and continue to grow my confidence using this method to avoid pregnancy."

Extended Support

Combined Fertility Awareness Education and 1:1 Health Support

Fertility Awareness & Health Support
This package is great whether you are trying to avoid pregnancy, trying to conceive, or managing long term or chronic menstrual and hormonal health problems.
I will teach you the basic anatomy and physiology of reproductive health and the menstrual cycle, and how you can apply the knowledge to avoid or achieve pregnancy naturally, while optimally managing your hormonal health.

*This support package is best for those with irregular cycles, such as those with PCOS or postpartum. If you have regular cycles, the Your Whole Cycle program is a great option.

Starting at $99


Optional Add-On

Now when you sign up you can optionally add the Fertility Wellness Package focused on menstrual cycle health for those who are trying to conceive!
$75 Value!

Fertility Wellness Package Includes:

Billings Ovulation Method® Program

In this 6 month program you will learn how to chart your cycles with the Billings Ovulation Method® to avoid or achieve pregnancy with 4 simple rules in any stage of life.

You will learn the history and efficacy of the method, basic reproductive anatomy and physiology, how to observe and chart, the 4 rules and how to apply them, and how to be successful.

Authentic Billings Ovulation Method® Education Includes:

I am unable to provide in depth health support while teaching the authentic Billings Ovulation Method®, though you can sign up for additional consultations to discuss your health outside of chart reviews, if desired.

"Becky has been an absolutely phenomenal instructor over the last few months. She was professional, patient and had a wealth of knowledge. Becky was always really respectful and so helpful throughout my FAM journey! I'd highly recommend her to anyone considering working with an instructor."

Not sure how to choose?

Take advantage of the free consultation before committing to a program. We will have a brief discussion about your needs and goals. This consultation is available for free with no obligation.

"Becky made me feel comfortable sharing my charting experience with her. I felt like I could ask her any questions I had and trusted her answers. The cycles I had while learning this method were challenging, but she helped my through it! I feel more confident about charting to avoid pregnancy and I have some good insights into my health."

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Read more about my training, experience, personal drive, and how I help women just like you achieve their goals.


The #1 thing I hear from clients after they’ve worked with me is how much more confident they feel!

Through fertility awareness we can identify what your hormones may be doing, and confidently order hormone testing on cycle days with the highest accuracy.

The more data collected through charting your menstrual cycles, the more confident you can be in knowing what is normal for YOU and when it’s time to seek help.

Creating habits in fertility awareness charting creates confidence in your body to do what comes most naturally. Understanding your hormones and that what is happening in your own body is normal and natural, gives you confidence and self-acceptance.

Understanding fertility awareness gives you confidence to trust your body and to trust the method to guide you in avoiding or achieving pregnancy naturally and effectively!

Now Available!


Multiple video courses with printable educational materials are now available on my Course Hub!