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All that man needs for health and healing has been provided by God in nature, the challenge of science is to find it.


Basic Support

Guided Fertility Awareness Program
A 12 week program with 3 one-on-one meetings, in which you will learn how to chart your basal body temperature and cervical mucus to effectively avoid or achieve pregnancy.

This program is ideal if you want a natural form of birth control or if you want to optimize chances of conception. 


Hourly Consultations
30 or 60 minute consultations, ideal for

  • Chart reviews
  • Lab result reviews
  • Acute or minor health issues
  • General questions


Note: All prices are in USD

"Becky has been an absolutely phenomenal instructor over the last few months. She was professional, patient and had a wealth of knowledge. Becky was always really respectful and so helpful throughout my FAM journey! I'd highly recommend her to anyone considering working with an instructor."

Madeleine B.

Extended Support

Combined Fertility Awareness Education and Health Support

Short term – 6 Weeks of Support
This 6 week support option is best for those with some experience charting or with regular menstrual cycles and minor complaints who would just like a little extra support.


Long term – 3 Months of Support
This 3 month support option is best for those with irregular menstrual cycles or chronic complaints, such as PMS, anovulation, PCOS or other menstrual related issues.


"I highly recommend working with Becky if you are interested in learning how to properly chart. I have truly gained so much more confidence with charting to avoid than I had previously to working with her. I've thoroughly enjoyed working with her! She is kind, understanding, very knowledgable, and super down to earth. Thanks Becky!"

Emily, Fertility Awareness Program Client

Not sure how to choose?

Take advantage of the free 15 minute consultation before committing to a support plan. We will have a brief discussion about your needs and goals. This consultation is available for free with no obligation.

"Becky made me feel comfortable sharing my charting experience with her. I felt like I could ask her any questions I had and trusted her answers. The cycles I had while learning this method were challenging, but she helped my through it! I feel more confident about charting to avoid pregnancy and I have some good insights into my health."

Fertility Awareness Program Client

Get to Know Me

Want to know more about me and my support philosophies?
Read more about my training, experience, personal drive, and how I help women just like you achieve their goals.


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