Stitch Fix Maternity Clothes Review

You’re pregnant and your belly is starting to grow. Whether from early pregnancy bloating or from the rapid growth of your baby. You need new clothes!

If your area is anything like mine, brick and mortar stores with maternity clothes are hard to find! In my area we have 3 stores with tiny maternity sections. And while I’ve been able to find a few pieces I like (mainly pants from Target!) most of the clothing is not really my style.

Then I read that Stitch Fix offers maternity clothing! I’ve used Stitch Fix in the past just for fun and liked almost everything I received. For me the pricing wasn’t sustainable long term but it has been totally worth it for maternity clothing!

What is Stitch Fix?

If you don’t know already, Stitch Fix is a styling service. You pay $20 for a stylist to choose 5 pieces of clothing for you. You can order just one box or order a subscription on a schedule of your choosing.

At sign up you fill out a quiz to help the stylist understand your budget, sizes, and style preferences. Then that $20 comes off of your total when you receive the items in the mail and decide which pieces to keep.

If you keep the entire box you get 25% off of everything. You can exchange pieces for another size or just return them and keep only the pieces you like. But the cost is definitely higher without that 25% discount. If you don’t keep any of the items then you lose that $20 styling fee.

It’s a lot of fun to have things chosen for you, to try them on, and decide what you like and don’t. It takes a lot of the stress out of shopping. Okay, maybe you’re the shopaholic type but honestly shopping for clothing is so stressful to me. And that’s why I love Stitch Fix.

Stitch Fix Maternity

Stitch Fix offers clothes for every trimester, and for postpartum. They offer sizes from 0-16, XS-XXL, and it appears they offer tops for plus sizes as well.

Just make sure when you sign up to select that you’re interested in maternity clothes and enter your due date. If you already have an account with Stitch Fix you can edit your profile to let them know you want maternity clothes and also enter your due date.

My first maternity box

For my first maternity Stitch Fix order I noted to the stylist that I was interested in shorts and comfy clothes to get me through the hot summer, as well as dress pants and work appropriate shirts for my days in-office at my secretary day job. My baby bump has been outgrowing my non-maternity work clothes fast!

Here’s what I received in my first box

I got 2 blouse type tops that were appropriate for work. A comfy non-maternity cardigan. Comfy lounge shorts, and a casual maternity tee. Although I didn’t feel like I needed the tee since I’d just purchased a bunch from Motherhood Maternity online, it was cheaper to keep the whole box and get the discount. And I’m glad I did because I wear that tee shirt often!

I adore the Full Moon Segura Rayon Tie Waist blouse in green and wear it often. And the Threads 4 Thought Anna Modal Terry shorts are soo comfy for wearing around the house. I went to order more and was disappointed to see they no longer carried that style.

My second box

While I got a lot of great pieces that I wear every day in my first box, I still needed dress pants for work. And I also wanted a few summer maternity dresses. So for my second box I requested dress pants, maternity dresses below the knee, and more lounge type pants or shorts if possible.

Here’s what I decided to keep from my second box:

I got a black blouse similar to the green flowered one from my first box and decided to keep it. Because I knew it would be great for work and going out. I also got a large print flower maxi dress that I am super happy with and my husband loves. It’s long and flowy and will be perfect for staying cool this summer.

I got a navy colored maternity nursing dress that I debated on returning or not because I wasn’t sure how the small ginkgo leaf print looked on me. I ultimately decided to exchange for the next size up. While it fit well now, it was slightly tight and I knew I’d probably grow out of it by the time I’d be breastfeeding.

There were also 2 pieces I decided not to keep.

I really loved the Annabel Faux Wrap dress but it had long sleeves. I knew there was no way I could wear it in the summer and by the time the weather would be cold enough for it, baby would be on her way. It would go in the closet and not get any wear for months so I decided to return it.

I also really loved the style of the Claire Blouse but the material was awful. It was very scratchy and I knew it would irritate my skin in the heat and be super uncomfortable. So that one got returned as well.

My stylist acknowledged in her note to me that I had asked for pants and shorts but that they didn’t currently have anything within my specified budget. She did recommend asking for them again as they’re always getting new styles.

I haven’t yet gotten everything I need to be comfortable for the summer but I am really happy with everything I’ve received and kept so far. I’ll probably order another box or two to keep trying for the bottoms I need, which can be hard to find elsewhere.

Other great Stitch Fix features

After you keep something from your boxes you’re able to order it again in different sizes or styles if you want. They also have a selection of items that can be ordered separately or added onto boxes for an additional cost.

Stitch Fix doesn’t just carry clothes, they also have intimates, handbags, shoes, and accessories.

If you’re pregnant and having a hard time finding maternity clothes you like, I can’t recommend Stitch Fix enough! If you’re interested in trying it out, you can get $25 off your first order with my referral link. And the $25 off is in addition to the 25% off if you keep the whole box!

Another great maternity dress

If you’re looking for maternity dresses, I also got this cute one from Amazon that I’m loving so far! They have it in many colors, patterns, and sizes!



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