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"I can't speak highly enough of Becky! She was so non-judgmental. She was also super knowledgeable and just all round a great person to learn from."

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Billings Ovulation Method Series

Class 1 – May 20 3pm EST
Class 2 – June 17 3pm EST


Location: Zoom (link sent upon registration)

In this class series you will learn about the history of the method, basic anatomy and physiology, how to chart your cycle using the Billings Ovulation Method, the 4 rules for avoiding pregnancy, how to achieve pregnancy, and what you can learn about your hormones by your Billings chart. 

Even if you have previously taken the introduction class (Class 1), Class 2 has additional information you don’t want to miss!

Topics Covered in Class 1:

  • The history of the BOM
  • Efficacy of the BOM
  • Basic reproductive anatomy & physiology
  • How to make your observations
  • How to chart with the BOM
  • Keys to success

Class 2:

  • Class 1 Review
  • What your Billings chart tells you about your hormones
  • Identifying 4 types of bleeding

At the end of each class we will have time for Q&A.


There are two options for taking this class series:

Option 1 – Two Class Series
Best for those curious about the Billings Ovulation Method, those wanting to learn more about cervical mucus and hormonal patterns seen in charts, or those with uncomplicated cycles who want to chart with the Billings Ovulation Method. 

Option 2 – Two Class Series + One on One Support (limited space, US only)
For anyone wanting to chart the Billings Ovulation Method with direct instructor support. This option is great for anyone but will be best for those with more complicated circumstances such as irregular cycles, postpartum, perimenopause etc..

Includes 1 private session between Class 1 and Class 2 for chart review, and then private sessions as needed for 6 months. Chat support and mailed materials also included.

Monthly payments available, each month for 6 months.

Feel free to contact me with any questions. 

Your Whole Cycle

Coming Soon!

Location: Zoom (link sent upon registration)

Learn more here

Feel free to contact me with any questions. 

Estrogen Dominance 101

No future events scheduled at this time


Location: Zoom (link sent upon registration)

*If you’re unable to attend this event live, you can purchase the recording here.

What You'll Get

  • A presentation about estrogen dominance, what it is, how to identify if you have it, and how to manage it
  • Information packed educational handouts about testing, symptom identification, and supplements
  • A Q&A session at the end so you can get all your questions answered
  • A 10% discount on a program or one time consultation

What You'll Learn

  • Signs of estrogen & progesterone imbalance and how to test with blood labs or DUTCH testing
  • Why we LOVE & NEED estrogen
  • How hormonal birth control might be causing your imbalance – and what to do about it
  • Do-able, realistic lifestyle changes to address estrogen imbalance that work

Feel free to contact me with any questions. 

"When I first decided to start learning FAM it was so overwhelming and I was worried I would never grasp it. Working with Becky was really helpful to realize that I absolutely can, and that it's pretty easy to do so with guidance."

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"Working with Becky was amazing! I learned so much from her and about my body in the 3 months we worked together. I can now say I am confident and no longer nervous about using FAM. Learning this method is incredibly empowering!"

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