Femometer Vinca II Review: Why it’s My Favorite Thermometer!

As a Fertility Awareness Educator, I like to experiment so I can educate others on all their options. I’ve tried lots of apps, and I’ve tried lots of basal body thermometers over my 3+ years of charting. I have settled on the Femometer Vinca II as my primary thermometer (yes, even over Tempdrop). So let me tell you why!

Why I Chose Femometer Vinca II

When I started having issues with Tempdrop, I started using an iProven BBT-271A orally to compare. It worked fine but I wasn’t really satisfied with it because it didn’t have a backlight. Also, the button was kind of hard to press, and my pattern was a little more jagged than I’d like. I finally decided to fork over the $40 for the Femometer Vinca II. It felt like a lot of money after spending $200+ on my failed run with Tempdrop. Especially when the average basal body thermometer is less than $20. But, I got a 20% discount from Amazon and a free box of LH and HCG strips with it. So I took the leap and purchased the Vinca II in January of 2020.

What I Love About the Vinca II

Honestly, I’ve never looked back. I’ve been using it ever since and it is absolutely my favorite thermometer. My favorite feature is the ability to change the “Measurement Mode” to “Mercury” so that it takes a temperature reading for 3 minutes. Lots of people choose cheap thermometers because of the shorter temperature taking time. In my experience, this longer read time gives a more stable pattern overall.

The Femometer Vinca II also has a 3 setting volume control so you can make it louder or quieter. It has a backlight, which was the main reason I originally chose it. I was tired of shining myself in the face with my phone every morning to read my temperature in the dark.

Other Great Features

It also has a built in alarm. Which is an amazing feature for anyone who wants to keep their phone away from their bed at night. It’s also really convenient if you want an initial alarm for taking your temperature. Then you can go back to sleep with a separate alarm when it’s time to get up for the day.

The battery is easily replaceable, it just takes a little key and a tray pops out of the end. Not to mention that the thermometer case is built in as the cap! So when you open it, the thermometer turns on. When it initially turns on, it shows the last temperature taken before switching to “Lo”. This just means that the thermometer is reading a low temperature (you know, since you haven’t put it in your mouth yet).

Syncing Options with Vinca II

The Femometer Vinca II actually has bluetooth functionality. Which is one of its most popular features. If you have the Femometer app open on your phone, the Vinca II will automatically sync to it when the cap is removed. The app stores all of your temperature history for you. It also includes a temperature chart. But if you’re serious about charting your cycle with Fertility Awareness I really don’t recommend using it. The Femometer chart predicts your fertility and draws a coverline for you, often incorrectly. Not to mention that the chart is just difficult to read clearly.

If you have an iPhone, you can go into Apple Health and turn on syncing with the Femometer app. This pulls in all of your temperatures to Apple Health. If you’re charting with Kindara you can also sync that to Apple Health. Kindara will automatically pull in all of your Femometer temperatures and chart them for you. Which is a super simple way to chart your temperature and still be able to interpret them yourself.

To Summarize

I’ve had no issues at all with the Femometer Vinca II. The stability of the temperature patterns and the customizable features are a huge selling point to me. I’ve only needed to replace the battery once, it was super simple and I experienced no problems. The only downside I’ve really experienced is that it’s definitely more sensitive to my sleep patterns than a standard BBT with a shorter reading time. But I do I still have a more stable pattern overall with the Femometer Vinca II. I just need to mark temperatures as disturbed more often than I needed to before Vinca II.

I’ve also recommended it to several clients and have seen huge improvements in each of their charts. If you’re in the market for a basal body thermometer, I can recommend the Femometer Vinca II without reservation. But if you’re still on the fence, take a look at my other recommended thermometers.

Have questions or comments about my Femometer Vinca 2 review? I’d love to hear in the comments below!



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3 thoughts on “Femometer Vinca II Review: Why it’s My Favorite Thermometer!”

  1. Hi! Thanks for the article. I was wondering if you remember how you managed to sync the Femometer with Apple Health. I have the Vinca I but can’t find how to sync it, I’m starting to suspect it’s either not supported for this model or it’s a paid feature 🥲

    1. Hi Indi, if you start on the “Today” tab of the Femometer app and then in the upper right hand corner is a circle profile button, tap into that and then scroll down to where it says “Settings” and then at the bottom of that page there should be a toggle that says “Link to Apple Health”. That should turn it on. You might also have to go into Apple Health and turn something on there but I’m not quite sure about that, it’s been a while since I set mine up!

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