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I am currently accepting 1:1 clients for the Billings Ovulation Method program on a limited basis.

Read through the Frequently Asked Questions below and if you have any further questions, feel free to contact me!

Group sessions are also offered on a limited basis for $15 per person, please contact me for more info.

The Billings Ovulation Method was created by Drs. John and Evelyn Billings in the 1950s in response to the Catholic Church’s need for an acceptable form of pregnancy prevention that was more effective than the Rhythm Method. At the time, they were seeing just how ineffective the Rhythm Method really is since it does not take into consideration real-time biological signs of fertility.

In collaboration with researchers Erik Odeblad and Dr. James Brown, they were able to develop the method based on nearly 900,000 hormonal assays through Dr. Brown’s research and Odeblad’s research into the cervix, cervical mucus, and fertility. Dr. Evelyn Billings began teaching women and furthered the development of the method with practical research. The Billings Ovulation Method and the research done to develop it is, in large part, where other fertility awareness based methods draw their foundation from for their cervical mucus guidelines. Many consider Billings to be the OG of fertility awareness.

The Billings Ovulation Method is the most studied fertility awareness based method. You can read more about the details of some of those studies outlined here. But to summarize, correct use averages around 99% (similar to IUD efficacy), with typical use averaging around 91% (similar to pill efficacy). You can see more comparison efficacy rates here.

Any fertility awareness based method is only as effective as you make it. Efficacy requires dedication to learning and following the method guidelines in full, and good, constant communication with your partner.

Everyone! The Billings Ovulation Method can be used in every stage of life, whether you are in regular cycles, irregular cycles, post birth control, postpartum, or even perimenopausal. The rules are the same for every person in every stage of life, but how they are applied depends on your own individual cycle. What you learn now can be used for a lifetime.

Billings is particularly helpful for irregular cycles because of how it is able to identify infertile patterns. Women in the postpartum period find it especially helpful for this reason. It is often able to provide more “safe days” than other fertility awareness based methods. 

The only situation I’ve seen it get tricky in is uncontrolled health issues with fluctuating cervical mucus production, especially PCOS. But the great thing about Billings is that it teaches us to read what our hormones are doing based on our patterns, so we’re able to get clues about our hormone health, even in tricky circumstances. Once you start with Billings, if you find that you fall into this category, I can refer you to a physician who has been trained to use your Billings chart as a diagnostic tool to get your health and hormones under control.

I have PCOS myself and learning Billings was life-changing and hugely beneficial to the management of my PCOS. I am incredibly grateful to be able to work with a doctor who can use my charts to get my PCOS under control and I could not recommend it more.

I teach the Billings Ovulation Method through a 6 month program, outlined as such:

  • First session is the main teaching presentation and takes 75-90 minutes
  • Second session will occur 2 weeks after the first and will last 30-45 minutes to review first 2 weeks of charting
  • Third session will occur 2 weeks after the last session and will be 60-75 minutes, involving a second teaching presentation and chart review
  • Fourth session will occur 2 weeks from the last and will last about 30 minutes to review the chart
  • After the first 6-8 weeks, follow up sessions will occur about every 4 weeks, or as needed, through the 6 months

No, basal body temperature is not a part of this method. Many individuals look into Billings after already having learned another fertility awareness method, typically the symptothermal method, which does require temperatures. 

The Billings Ovulation Method is a mucus-only method. The primary fertility sign it uses is vulvar sensation caused by cervical mucus or other discharges. Appearance of discharge, or cervical mucus, is also charted if observed. Not everyone sees visible signs of cervical mucus, so this method is particularly helpful for those who struggle with their cervical mucus observations.

Because Billings does not involve temperature, it’s a great option for anyone who may struggle with temperature based methods. This may be you if you have an irregular wake schedule, frequently disturbed sleep, shift work, or are postpartum.

Many of my clients wish to take their BBT anyway while learning Billings. My recommendation is to wait until you have completed the 6 month program and fully understand the Billings Ovulation Method as it was designed. If you try to do it while using other methods, you have a higher chance of struggling to learn the Billings Ovulation Method.

If you want to add BBT at the end but don’t know how to interpret your temperatures, you can pay for a completely separate one-time consultation after the 6 months to learn more. Adding temperatures to the Billings Ovulation Method is considered typical use rather than correct use. Once you’ve learned the method in full you may find it unnecessary, but it’s a personal decision.

The short answer is yes, there is some abstinence involved. It is recommended to start charting from the day of the first session when we go over the first teaching presentation together. For the first 2 weeks it is imperative that you abstain from all genital contact (including any kind of oral) in order to identify what is called your Basic Infertile Pattern. Without this period of abstinence it will be difficult, and potentially impossible, to learn and apply the method. For some, additional periods of abstinence may be required in order to establish the Basic Infertile Pattern, but this is less common.

If you are someone with regular cycles (<35 days) who has some form of discharge every day of your cycle (ie no dry days at all), you can expect to abstain in the pre-ovulatory phase (pre-peak) for the first 3 cycles. You will, however, be able to apply the peak rule and have intercourse throughout the luteal phase.

Once your Basic Infertile Pattern is established and you are able to apply all 4 rules to your cycles, abstinence is strongly recommended on days of potential fertility.

To be clear, if you want to correctly follow the method and obtain the highest efficacy as studied, abstinence is a requirement on days of potential fertility. While you are still within the 6 months of learning with me, I ask that you fully follow the method as taught, including abstaining according to the rules. Your family planning decisions are yours and your partner’s to make, and none of my business. I do not judge or shame. But from experience as a user and a teacher, it is difficult to learn the method thoroughly if you knowingly choose not to follow the rules.

Once you understand the method and how to apply the rules to your cycles, it is much easier to make fully informed and educated decisions about taking risks with the rules. Taking risks, known or unknown, falls under typical use efficacy rather than correct use. 

I do not recommend using other methods of contraception in our 6 months together. The official stance of Billings organizations is that other methods are not compatible. While you are learning the method, I strongly recommend following the method as taught. This ensures that you learn the method fully and can make educated decisions when you’re on your own.

Some alternative options can make using Billings more difficult. For example, anything that adds an outside substance can obscure your observations, such as lube or spermicide found on condoms, or spermicide used with diaphragms. Pre-ejaculate, even if withdrawal occurs before ejaculation, can sometimes interfere with observations, and in some cases lead to pregnancy. Even arousal fluid can complicate observations. It’s very individual.

Some women/couples do not have religious restrictions and are okay with the added risk of choosing to use a back-up method. All I can recommend is that you understand the efficacy of your chosen back-up because once you bring in another method, the efficacy of the chosen back-up applies rather than the correct use of the Billings Ovulation Method.

Beyond what I’ve said here, I cannot instruct on these things while teaching the authentic Billings Ovulation Method. If you want extra support in those areas you can schedule an hourly consultation outside of the Billings Ovulation Method program.

I do not recommend using Read Your Body for the 6 month program. Read Your Body is considered an unapproved app by WOOMB International and its affiliates. Because Read Your Body is so comprehensive it can make the learning phase more confusing or difficult. 

You have several options to choose from for charting Billings. Every client receives a packet of physical materials in the mail when they start with me, and this includes a paper chart (good for 3+ cycles) and stickers (“stamps”). I can also provide an Excel spreadsheet or Google Sheets version of the paper chart for desktop or mobile use upon request.

Fertility Pinpoint and NFP Charting (paid) are approved website options. NFP Charting also has an app. Billings App is another approved app option.

Many of my clients still choose to use Read Your Body, that is a personal decision. If you choose to chart with Read Your Body, you must understand that doing so reduces the efficacy of the method. 

Using an unapproved option falls under typical use rather than correct use for efficacy.

No. While the Billings Ovulation Method was developed primarily by Catholics, anyone can use it. Many of the teachers are also Catholic, some are not. I am a Protestant Christian and do not hold all of the same beliefs as Catholics. I accept clients regardless of their faith or belief system.

My Billings Ovulation Method program costs the same as my Symptothermal Method program, $400 in full for 6 months or $75 per month if a payment plan is preferred. This program includes mailed physical materials, 1:1 virtual meetings as needed, with chat support between sessions and up to 1 year following the start of the program.

I do take a limited number of clients at a reduced rate by application.

You can fill out the short application here and I will get back to you in a few days.

I’m happy to answer any other questions you may have. You can schedule a free consultation, send me an email, or contact me through the website.

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