My name is Becky! I’m a Fertility Awareness Educator and student Master Clinical Herbalist.
I teach women how to chart their menstrual cycles so they can learn how to confidently interpret their natural hormone fluctuations and successfully meet their personal goals, whether that is managing their health, or avoiding or achieving pregnancy.

My Story

I have had a passion for natural health solutions since I was a teen. I studied herbalism for over a decade before deciding to join a certification program to become a Master Clinical Herbalist. I’ve also intensely studied PCOS and general hormonal health since being diagnosed with PCOS myself in 2014.

My passion is combining herbal allies with Fertility Awareness to bring calm and balance to disordered hormonal health. Charting your cycle together utilizing Fertility Awareness Based Methods allows us to get great insight to the inner hormonal workings so we can create a path to improved health.

I’ve supported women on their journeys to holistic hormonal health since 2014. I love reading the joy in their messages or seeing the light in their eyes when things just begin to click and everything falls into place.

When I began my business in 2019, I started out as a Fertility Doula and focused solely on supporting women who wanted to conceive naturally. I worked on completing my Fertility Awareness instructor trainings to support women who wanted to avoid pregnancy.

Little did I know that my own journey to conceive would be difficult. I fought PCOS and recurrent miscarriages, with both modern medicine and traditional herbalism, and finally successfully and naturally birthed my precious daughter in October of 2022.

My experience has fueled a deeper passion for supporting women who are struggling to conceive naturally or to carry to full term. I feel blessed to be able to support women in this way, sharing my knowledge and resources to offer clients hope for their own success.

"Becky made me feel comfortable sharing my charting experience with her. I felt like I could ask her any questions I had and trusted her answers. The cycles I had while learning this method were challenging, but she helped my through it! I feel more confident about charting to avoid pregnancy and I have some good insights into my health."

About Fertility Awareness

My Work Flow

Getting to Know One Another

I like to start my time with a client face to face. Whether this is in a coffee shop or over Zoom. I want to get to know you and you should have the chance to get to know me as well. I help you best when we're both comfortable.

Checking In

I regularly check in between meetings to see how my clients are doing. I want you to have a constant reminder that you're not alone on your journey, and I'm here to make sure you have everything you need to succeed.

Looking Forward

In our meetings together we're constantly evaluating your progress. I want you to feel confident that you have the tools to move forward. If additional support is needed, I welcome clients to continue with extended support options.

More About Me

As an Enneagram 5, I collect knowledge and resources. I’ve chosen trainings and certifications that have helped me get a better understanding of the female body and the maladies that can wreck so much havoc in our lives. I’ve studied intensely and passionately so that I may pass the information on to women who need it most, not just because I love learning but because I find joy in helping others.

As an Enneagram 5, I tend to be introverted and to the point, I don’t enjoy being the center of attention. This means that our meetings are all about you and I don’t waste time getting down to business. You get your money’s worth of information out of every encounter!


Master Clinical Herbalist (in training) – Heart of Herbs
Certified Fertility Awareness Educator – NFPTA – 2020
Billings Ovulation Method Teacher – BOMA USA – 2022
Certified Fertility Support Practitioner – Doula Canada – 2020
Menopause Support Practitioner – Doula Canada – 2020
Student Birth & Bereavement Doula® – stillbirthday – 2020
Master Herbalist Diploma (in training) – Centre of Excellence – 2020

Continuing Education

Billings Ovulation Method Advanced Training – BOMA USA – 2023
Fertility Awareness: Clinical and Personal Applications
 – The Well – 2019
The Permaculture of the Female Body – The Well – 2019
A Holistic Perspective of Contraceptive Options – The Well – 2019
Functional Female Hormone Balance with DUTCH – 2020
Learn How to use Mineral Balancing and HTMA with Holistic Nutrition – 2021
Physiology with Heart – Heartstone Herbal School – 2019
Love Your Liver – Heartstone Herbal School – 2019
Vitalist Herbalism – The School of Evolutionary Herbalism – 2020
An Integrated Approach to Female Hormonal Health – Pacific Rim College
Treatment Protocols for Common Hormonal Case Studies – Pacific Rim College
Reading Diagnostic Laboratory Blood Tests For Female Hormonal Health – Pacific Rim College
Menstrual Cycle-Tracking & Herbal Medicine For Practitioners – Pacific Rim College


Natural Family Planning Teachers Association
Billings Ovulation Method – USA
American Herbalists Guild Student Member

FREE Consultation

Let’s meet! Take advantage of this free consultation and find out if we’re a good fit to work together. Tell me about your struggles and your goals and we’ll discuss how I can help you manage them. 

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