Becky Evans

Fertility Awareness Educator, Full Spectrum Doula, and Clinical Herbalist

Holistic health support services for women in Winchester, VA and surrounding areas as well as virtual support globally for the following:

Fertility Awareness Education
(Billings Ovulation Method or Symptothermal Method)
Hormone Balance/PCOS
Pregnancy & Postpartum

Fertility Awareness Support Group

Fertility Awareness

Learn more about Fertility Awareness Charting, share your personal charts, or ask for feedback!

Women's Holistic Health

All holistic health topics are welcome. Herbal remedies, supplements, integrative medicine, diet and lifestyle, and more!

Fertility, Pregnancy, Postpartum

Topics on all spectrums of fertility are welcome, whether you are trying to avoid or achieve pregnancy.


Motherhood is hard and that often impacts our health and fertility charting journeys. Feel free to seek support here!

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Postpartum Support

I am currently certifying as a Postpartum Doula offering support to first time moms or moms with pregnancy loss experience.

The fourth trimester can be really hard if you don’t have the support you need. It can be even harder with your rainbow baby after previous miscarriage. I would love to support you during this time and help guide you in all things postpartum and newborn!

As an herbalist, I have developed herbal products to support clients in every stage of life. Postpartum clients have the option of receiving products designed to aid their healing throughout the postpartum period.

Did You Know...

of women cannot accurately estimate their day of ovulation
1 %

Only 12.7% can accurately estimate ovulation?! Learn to chart your cycle with the Sympto-thermal method and stop guessing when you’re most fertile! Estimating incorrectly or depending on an app to estimate for you may lead to unintended pregnancies for those trying to avoid, and missed opportunities for those trying to conceive!

Learn to estimate ovulation accurately!

It took me 3 years and 4 doctors to finally get a diagnosis of PCOS, and this is sadly a common story. It’s the whole reason I have spent the last decade researching hormones, PCOS, birth control, and natural alternatives to allopathic medical care. And the whole reason I’m so passionate about helping others. I offer support in obtaining an accurate diagnosis and finding holistic management options.

50-75% of women with PCOS remain undiagnosed even after seeing their doctor
1 %

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Fertility Awareness

I offer courses and events on everything from charting your menstrual cycle with Fertility Awareness to managing your hormonal health and fertility.

Check out the pages below for more information and registration.

Ready to take your fertility into your own hands?

Ready to take your fertility into your own hands?

There is something very empowering about learning how to identify ovulation and the 3 other phases of your cycle. I help you take the control of your reproductive health into your own hands. Use the information to achieve or avoid pregnancy, or create a plan to manage your hormonal health.

Friend of Read Your Body

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